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Bulldog London Dry Gin 700mL

Region London, United Kingdom
Producer Bulldog gin
Alcohol 40%
Size 700ml

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Why we like it

Unashamedly big and the bottle is somewhat modelled on the OG British Bulldog; Winston Churchill. This is a gin for the gin drinkers. Inspired by his travels as a diplomats son, Anshuman Vohra set out to reimagine what exactly a London Dry Gin could be.

Infused with a whole manner or curious and distinctive botanicals; including Dragon Eye, French lavender, Italian juniper, Asian lotus leaves and Turkish white poppy. Every batch is quadruple distilled in traditional copper pots.

There is a large floral and citrus element to this gin, but backed up by the ever present juniper on the back end. Warm, floral and distinctly contemporary.