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Standish ‘The Standish’ Shiraz 2020

The benchmark that all Barossa Shiraz should be judged against, perfection.


Chateau Pechon ‘Sauternes’ SB/Sem 2015

Sauternes, the dessert wine of Bordeaux.


Momento Mori ‘Rack and Ruin’ Ribolla Giallo/Nero 2021

One of the only plantings of Ribolla Giallo in Australia.


Momento Mori ‘Rosso’ Malvasia/Schiopettino/Syrah 2020

Exceptional glou-glou style wine, pop it in the fridge and get the party started.


Zaccagnini ‘Tralcetto’ Montepulciano 2018

Savoury, textural and sumptuous red wine from Italy.


Frederick Stevenson Grenache 2021

Barossa Grenache with a difference.


Patch Wines Shiraz 2021

A tiny producer making delicious wines in the Pyrenees, only 900 bottles made.


Pierre-Marie Chermette ‘Griottes’ Gamay 2020

Quintessential Beaujolais from the land of fun wine.


Kendall Jackson ‘Vintner’s Reserve’ Chardonnay 2018

A big buttery boy from the good ol' U S of A.